"You create a space and within that space,

music is formed."


“There are few pianists in this genre who can convey a certain feeling so convincingly, who can conjure up so many images or who can melt a heart so easily.”

Knack Focus

If you ask Noah to describe his music, he would rather sit down at the piano and let the sound speak for itself. “One is able to tell an entire story just by playing a single note, if it is played with sincerity. You create a space and within that space, music is formed.”
His first album titled “Universe”, released by Munich Records, a division of V2 Records Benelux, stems from that very same sincerity. Every composition is born out of love for improvisation and a long-standing passion for music. “Virtually all of my pieces were created at the piano as improvisations, only to be elaborated upon afterwards.  It’s a very intuitive process, I need freedom in order to be able to create music. I have been making my own music since I was a child and it feels like I have been working towards this album ever since. This album was destined to happen.” Later on, his EP ‘Expansion’ was released as well as a vinyl edition titled ‘Expanded Universe’.

Noah was promptly offered the chance to play his debut album live at prestigious venues such as the mainstage of Gent Jazz Festival, Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Flagey Piano Days and numerous venues and concert halls in Belgium.

His fascination for playing piano began at the age of 4 when he received a piano from his grandparents. He immediately began to search for colours and combinations to create his own little pieces of music. It was at that very moment that his love for improvisation emerged and it hasn’t left him since. At 8 years old he experienced his first piano lesson. “I enjoyed playing works of classical composer, playing this pieces also enhanced my piano technique . However, besides that I also kept improvising. During my voyage into music I listened to a wide variety of genres; ranging from techno and hard rock to jazz and classical.

Music  began to occupy an increasingly more important role in his life and over time the thought of turning professional became more pronounced. “I still remember the exact day when I decided to become a professional  musician. I was 17 at the time, sitting at the piano, and suddenly a slight fear befell me when I fully realized what my decision entailed. I got up and briefly reflected on the situation. That moment was very significant as I then fully committed myself to the resolution of being a musician.”

Noah obtained a master’s degree in classical piano studies at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.  He was also granted a scholarship to further his education abroad. He opted for the Academy of Music in Krakow (Poland) where he obtained a postgraduate degree. Noah later completed his academic curriculum by studying jazz piano for several years.

Besides composing, Noah also enjoys combining his talent for improvisation with other forms of art. This is the reason why he became the house pianist at the Royal Belgian Film Archive “Cinematek” in Brussels where he has improvised on more than 500 silent films.
When improvising while watching a good film, I sometimes get so inspired by the images and the story that I get the feeling that the audience, what is shown on the screen and the music merge into one movement, one whole.  When those rare moments occur, I can literally feel the film and the audience in the tips of my fingers. Those are very satisfying moments.”

“After all these years, my relationship with the infinite world of music has only intensified.”


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"Improvising has allowed me to develop an intimate and genuine relationship with my instrument."

“Improvising resides in the unfettered exteriorizing of my creative impulses which has allowed me to develop an intimate and genuine relationship with my instrument. In addition, improvising is very instinctive, it is a process of giving and receiving, almost palpable and essential. It grants time another dimension, allows one to lose oneself, creates unexpected feelings and emotions. It transcends music, and is simply complete.”


Photography by Emilie Bonjé / Jan Van Hecke

Artwork by Marcel van den Broek